How To Get More Business Leads (in 2022)

How To Get More Business Leads (in 2022)

Are you one in a million businesses in America struggling to get more sales leads and drive traffic to your business? It ain't easy we tell you. It's freakin' hard actually and we can tell you that from our experience.

If you're looking for a solution to your problem, then you've come to the right place.

First things first, this article DOESNT list out a bajillion statistics and strategies that we glance over just hoping to get some content out there.

We actually provide a comprehensive list of lead generation strategies that will help generate interest for your business. We explain the strategies in DETAIL and refer you to helpful resources.

These tactics are easy to employ and will drive more traffic to your business. These strategies will get more people to share their emails and phone numbers on your form page so you can focus on improving your products and offerings.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that more than half of all shoppers have used Google to find a new brand? Search engines are the most important channel in generating leads. If your site isn't ranking for a target keyword, your audience will land on a competing page instead.

SEO is likely the most important lead-generation tool and you must make an effort to improve it day in and day out. To learn more about the importance of SEO, you can refer to this article we wrote for you on important SEO statistics.

Many potential clients want to find answers to the problems they face. The first thing that most people do is by Googling their question, problem, or issue. They are more likely to become qualified leads because they express user intent when searching for a product or service to help them resolve an issue.

People are more likely to click on websites that appear at the top of the search engine list. If they don’t see your website, they’re less likely to know that your business exists and, as a result, you’ll miss out on potential leads.

Some ways to optimize your website for SEO include using keywords throughout your website content, title tags, and meta descriptions; make sure your website is mobile-friendly and use backlinks to show your website is credible. For more information on ways to optimize your website on Google, check out our very own article about "SEO Tips On How To Rank Higher On Google".

In addition, you can use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush (they both offer free trials), or Backlinko to help you optimize your content. Backlinko's great because they are run by SEO experts like Brian Dean whose been in this space for a long time. You should watch some of hiscontent on Youtube where he provides a wealth of information on how to do SEO effectively and copywriting.

You should be making a continuous effort to improve SEO tactics. As the algorithm for Google changes, so must your SEO strategy.

2) Lead-generating Website

A lead-generating website is a modern website that's been optimized for mobile. It should be easy to navigate and include a clear call to action. The goal of a lead-generating website is to convert visitors into leads by collecting their contact information.

To do this, your website must have a lead capture form. It should be placed prominently on your website so that visitors can easily find it. It should include fields for the visitor's name, email address, and phone number. You may also want to include additional fields for information such as the visitor's company name or budget.

Once you've collected a lead's contact information, you can then follow up with them to nurture the lead into a sales opportunity.

Get rid of anti-lead generating content such as jargon-filled, firm-centric information on your site. If visitors don't understand what you do or what problems you can solve for them, they will go to your competitor. A lead-generating website features a clear value proposition, downloadable valuable information, and a request for a proposal.

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile and designed with quality in mind. Surely, a poorly designed and outdated website will revolt leads and potential customers away from your site because you're not trustworthy. However, with an awesome website, you'll be well on your way to building huge lead databases and generating more sales.

For more information on when you need to replace your current website, you can read this article "5 Signs Your Website Needs a Design Overhaul" which discusses which areas of your website you'll need to make improvements on to generate more leads.

3) Online Newsletter

An online newsletter is another great way to generate leads. It allows you to stay in touch with your subscribers and build relationships with them. It also allows you to promote your products or services to a captive audience.

To create an effective online newsletter, start by identifying your target market. Create high-quality, educational content that's valuable and interesting to your target audience. These include your latest blog posts, testimonials, user-generated content, and how-to guides. If you want people to actually read your newsletter, you have to entice them. To grow your email list, offer a free newsletter subscription on your website or in your email signature block.

Once you've created your online newsletter, promote it through social media, email marketing, and other channels. You can also use it as a lead magnet on your website to collect contact information from potential leads.

4) E-Books or White Papers

E-books and white papers are another great way to generate leads. They convey you're an expert in your industry and you have something valuable to offer potential clients, boosting your credibility.

White papers make great pay-per-click offers for potential customers from landing pages. You're more likely to get quality leads because they are generally interested in your product. They can be downloaded for free from the website, but it would be more effective to put them behind a registration screen. That way you can get the leads' contact information after they've signed up to get their copy.

A variation on the white paper is the e-book, which is typically longer than white paper but serves a similar function. It goes into great depth on a subject and it can generate a lot of buzz for your brand and help establish your reputation.

To create an effective e-book or white paper, start by identifying a problem your target market is facing. Then, do some research and write your findings. Be sure to include actionable tips that your target market can use to solve their problem.

Once you've created your e-book or white paper, promote it through social media, email marketing, and other channels. It's also an excellent parameter for building extremely targeted lists. It's a very fine lead magnet!

5) Blogging

Blogging plays a unique role in online lead generation. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with others helps you build relationships with potential clients. It also allows you to promote your products and services to a captive audience.

One of the most common issues is figuring out where to start. To find a proven blog post topic, you can visit forums like Quora or Reddit or you can go on sites like Udemy or Amazon. Udemy's great because you can search categories and topics people are paying for! For example, if someone wanted to learn graphic design, they can go to the design category and look for top courses there based on reviews.

You'll also need to write a killer headline that generates eyeballs and then an introduction that swoons the reader and gets them to continue reading. Throughout the post, you'll also have to optimize your SEO by including target keywords in your title, using similar or semantically related keywords throughout your blog, linking to authoritative content, and try linking back to previous posts you've written.

To increase the reach and engagement, promote your blogs on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook), email marketing, and other digital channels.

6) Optimize Your Social Media

Social media is the powerful tool of its day. It allows you, the owner, to connect with potential customers and clients, share your expert knowledge, and promote your products or services. You can post, run ads, run promotions, or run contests and giveaways on Facebook or Instagram. You can also link your landing pages to your posts and ads which your users can take action.

To make sure your social media handles are optimized, start by identifying your target audience. Then, create high-quality content that will be valuable and interesting to them. You can either share your wisdom or exclusive content that intrigues the reader. For more content ideas on social media, you can check out this blog article from Hootsuite. Be sure to include a strong call to action so you can encourage your readers to take action.

In addition, it's important to build relationships with potential leads on social media. Connect with them, comment on their posts, and offer helpful advice. Nurturing trust and credibility which is essential in any transaction relationship with customers.

7) Engaging Video Content

Video content is very effective these days. It allows you to connect with potential customers and clients, share your expert knowledge, and promote your products or services.

To create an engaging video, start by identifying your target market. Once you've figured out your strategy, you need to figure out the right video hosting platform. Are you looking to gain more traffic and new leads? Or are you trying to generate more brand awareness?

During the shoot, you have to figure out how to make the first few seconds stand out, aim for natural lighting, and hone in on the story. If do you use music, make sure you're allowed to because of copyright reasons. Be sure to include a strong CTA at the end of each video so your users know what to do next.

In addition, it's important to make sure your videos are SEO-friendly. You should perform keyword research before creating your video. Find popular keywords & tags people are searching for related to your topic. You can simply type into Google or Facebook.

Then, you should optimize the title tag and meta description for the web page where your video will be embedded. Keep in mind, that you should make sure your keywords are highly relevant to your video's topic.

8) Tap Into Your Network/Communities

Another great lead generation technique is to tap into your network. Give your sales team and cold outreach a little break by trying simpler and more direct lead generation strategies. There are many online communities you can join where potential customers and target audiences congregate.

To tap into these communities, start by identifying your target market. Then, find the communities that they are a part of and become active in them. Share your expertise, offer helpful advice, and include a strong CTA so you can encourage potential leads to take action with your brand.


LinkedIn is an awesome lead-generator because it allows you to connect with potential customers and clients, share your knowledge, and promote your products and services.

People love value and content marketing rules on LinkedIn. To create engaging content, start by identifying your target market. Then, create high-quality content that will be valuable and interesting to them. You can write personal updates, storytell, write blog articles, or make videos. Also, people love personal things because it's probably something they can relate to and it opens doors to conversations.

In addition, it's also important to be active in LinkedIn groups. Join groups that are relevant to your industry and participate in discussions. This will help you build relationships with potential leads and make it more likely that they will take action when they see your call to action.


Quora is a great forum for conversation. It allows you to connect with potential customers and clients, share your expert knowledge, and promote your products or services.

To start, you should join discussions relevant to your industry. You can start by looking for top or highly-rated questions in the forums. Then, create relevant content that's valuable and interesting to your readers. Participate in those discussions because it will help you build relationships with them.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with potential customers and clients. They provide an opportunity to share your expertise. Start by finding groups that are relevant to your target market. Then, become active in those groups by sharing valuable and interesting content. Participate in discussions and respond to questions with helpful content to build relationships with potential leads.

By becoming active in these communities, you'll be able to build trust and credibility with potential customers and clients. This increases the chances of generating leads and sales.

9) Build Strategic, Win-Win Partnerships

Building strategic, win-win partnerships is another way to get your foot in the door with potential customers. When you partner with other businesses, you share resources, knowledge, and networks. This can help you reach new audiences and tap into new markets.

To find the right partners, start by identifying businesses that serve the same target market as you. Then, look for opportunities to create mutually beneficial relationships. For example, you could offer to promote their products or services to your audience in exchange for them doing the same for you.


If you have a great product and customer service, you already have a strong business foundation. What's difficult is getting seen by people amongst the noise and traffic of products and services similar to yours. To cut through the noise, you need consistent and effective sales and marketing marketing through lead generation to get in decision makers' face.

When your lead generation strategy is properly and consistently implemented, it's easy to do business. Once you're out there and enough people are convinced of your product, you'll hear the Ka-Ching sound like in those recent Shopify commercials.

Now I’d like to hear from you: which strategy from today’s post are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you! If you found this helpful, please do consider sharing this on social media or subscribe to the weekly newsletter we release on Wednesday.