AI-Composed Music That Helps Increase Work Productivity

AI-Composed Music That Helps Increase Work Productivity

Do you find it difficult to focus on getting your tasks done? Is the amount of time you spend trying to focus more than your actual productive period? If so, you shouldn't worry about it because you're not alone. A lot of people struggle with this issue because it's hard to GET IN THE ZONE and not get distracted by external things such as the ringing of your phone from Snapchat, incoming calls, text messages, or feeling fidgety from sitting on your desk all day.

Some people want to listen to music when they work or study because it helps encourage creativity and productivity. It can also be therapeutic and relieve feelings of stress. Not all music, however, is good for work and some can be distracting, especially those with lyrics like pop, country, rock, or hip hop music.

It sounds like we're saying that you can't listen to music because it sacrifices mood for work productivity. No, in fact, that's not what we're suggesting. Difficulty in concentration and employee productivity has become such a common problem that there are now tools available like AI-composed music to help people focus and improve their productivity.

Technological advances in brain imaging such as EEG, PET, MRI, and fMRI scans of people's brains show how different types of music affect brain activity. Experts use this data to create songs that help boost productivity and focus. Using data from neuroscience, the AI-composed music is designed to work with the natural rhythms of the brain to increase concentration and focus, so people won't be spending more time trying to focus but rather on getting things done.

One study found that participants who listened to AI-composed music had a significant increase in task performance compared to those who didn't listen to any music or listened to non-AI composed music. They also had a decrease in heart rate and self-reported levels of stress.

Why Not Give A Try? It's Scientifically Proven. is an AI-composed music app that helps people increase their focus and get important work done efficiently. The team behind the app enlisted the help of several Ph.D.s including musicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, and former NASA engineers. Their work relied on a number of scientific concepts like dynamic auditory attending theory and entrainment--- the phenomena of the brain's natural rhythms syncing with the rhythm of the music.

The app has three main functions: focus, relaxation, and sleep, but we'll be focusing on the concentration element. The focus function is designed to enhance your ability to focus by playing music that works in sync with your brain's natural rhythm.

The app is designed to work with or without headphones, and you can customize the length of time you want the music to play. You can also choose from a variety of different genres, including classical, white noise, and nature sounds.

So far, has been shown to be effective in helping people focus and improve their productivity. In one study, participants who used while working on a task reported feeling more efficient and productive. The team members improved their focus by 400% in just 5 minutes! Another study found that people who used were able to achieve a deep level of focus in less than 30 minutes when it normally takes them over an hour! It's designed to work within 10 to 15 minutes of listening!

Other A.I. Alternatives

If you're looking for other AI-composed music to help you focus, there are plenty of other options available. Mubert, Noisli, Headspace, and Noizio are all great choices that can be downloaded using the keywords provided. Each option has its unique benefits that can help you improve your productivity in the workplace, accomplish time-consuming tasks, and overall improve your time management.

Mubert is a great option for those who looking to improve their focus. One of the great things about Mubert is that it allows you to customize your listening experience. You can choose what type of music you want to hear, and you can even adjust the tempo to match your work environment. This makes it easy to find the perfect song for you.

Noisli is an excellent choice as well. This platform offers a variety of ambient sounds that can be used to create a custom soundscape that you imagine or dream of. It allows you to mix and match different sounds to find the perfect combination for your work environment.

Headspace is another great platform for those who are looking for AI-composed music to help them focus. This platform also offers a variety of guided meditation exercises that help you focus on time-consuming tasks.

Noizio is a platform that offers a variety of soundscapes to help you focus on time-consuming tasks. You can choose from a variety of ambiances, including rain sounds, white noise, and more. This makes it easy to find the perfect soundscape for your work environment.

If you're looking for a way to boost your productivity and focus at work, is worth checking out. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Noizio, Headspace, Noisli, and Mubert can also be downloaded from those places as well, each having its unique benefits that can increase productivity and make your working times feel like a breeze. is free to download, and there is a subscription fee of $7 per month, $50 annually, and a lifetime subscription of $150 for individuals. You also get seven free listening sessions, and you don't need to pay if you don't like what you hear. If you're interested in giving the app a listen, check it out here If you're an employer or business owner, you may consider purchasing a package for your employees at a discounted rate.

Well, that's all we have for you today, folks. By the way, do you have any music suggestions that help you increase your productivity? We'd love to hear from you! Please let us know in the comments below. And thanks for reading! And until next time, keep on learning!